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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

510 cases registered under COTPA Act in Calangute

CALANGUTE: As part of a special drive against smoking in public places, the Calangute police have booked 510 cases under the COPTA Act.
There are also reports that some foreign cigarette packets are being sold without statutory warning along the beach belt which came to light when the commercial tax office conducted a raid in the beach belt areas of Calangute.
According to PI Tushar Vernekar, 510 cases have been booked this year and the accused are told to pay a spot fine of Rs 200. Vernekar said that there are more than 25 cases booked per day.
The drive is aimed at cracking down on smoking in public places such as near schools and colleges, hospitals, court premises, playgrounds and stadiums, bars and restaurants, government office premises, bus stands, cinema theatres, hotels etc.
A source from the commercial tax office in Mapusa informed this daily that the department conducts raid in the beach belt after they are instructed by higher ups that foreign cigarettes are being sold without statuary warning.
Cigarette packets from Russia, Malaysia, Thailand and UK are in great demand amongst foreigners along the beach belt. The source said that such rules do not apply to these countries as the statutory warning is not printed on the packets in their respective countries.
The source said that there are many cheap brands in the market who evade paying taxes to the government.

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