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Monday, May 30, 2016

Fishing ban in state from tomorrow

VELIM: The 61-day fishing ban will come into force from tomorrow. Nearly 80 per cent of the trawlers have call off operations. The uniform fishing ban will be in force all along the western region of Goa, Maharashtra and Karnataka from June 1 to August 1.
The president of the Cutbona Boat Owners Association Savio D’Silva informed that a majority of boats have already returned to the jetty while a few which are out at sea will return by tomorrow.
He said that the workforce will start returning to their native places in the next few days as closing operations are in progress.
Commenting on the fishing season, D’Silva said that the fishing season was bad as compared to previous years in terms of catch from the deep sea, adding hopefully the new season will bring more joy to the fishing community. Meanwhile, a few boat owners want the fishing ban extended by another 15 days.
They pointed out that even while the fishing ban is lifted on August 1, it becomes next to impossible to venture into the sea immediately as it remains rough during those days and also the workforce mostly, from Orissa, Jharkand, etc, does not arrive by that time, and hence it makes sense to extend the fishing ban till August 15.

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