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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Goans don’t know much about AIDS, says health survey

Panaji: Knowledge about the effectiveness of contraceptives in reducing chances of being afflicted with HIV/AIDS is high among Goa's adolescent population, but comprehensive knowledge of the dreaded diseases is poor, says a report of national family health survey (NFHS) - 2015-16.
The findings of the survey released with the economic survey 2015-16 indicates that men who are aware that consistent use of condom can prevent HIV/AIDs is as high as 91.9% in urban areas and 84.7% in rural areas, and 89.2% overall.

The awareness has in fact risen significantly from 56.8% as reported in the NFHS-3 survey of 2005-06 to 89.2% in 2015-16.
In the case of women, the awareness about the use of contraceptives in reducing chances of HIV/AIDS is 80.8% among urban females and 71.7% among their rural counterparts, the overall percentage being 77.4%, the report states.
As per NFHS-3 in 2005-06, the percentage of awareness about the condom use was low at 47.6% as compared to 77.4% in 2015-16.
But the survey states that men who have comprehensive knowledge of AIDS/HIV comprise only 42.9% in urban areas and 40.4% in rural areas, with 41.9% being the overall percentage. In 2005-06, the percentage of awareness among males was 30.3.
In the case of women, those with comprehensive knowledge of HIV/AIDS comprise just 36.0% in urban areas and 32.2% in rural areas, the overall figure being 34.6%. In comparison, the awareness about this aspect among females was just 28.5% in 2005-06, the survey states. But health officials point out that while the awareness about usefulness of condoms in AIDS control is high, it appears contradictory that their knowledge about the dreaded disease is variably low. This may be due to the small sample size of the NFHS survey, sources said.
"The awareness about this particular aspect should be higher," project director, Goa State AIDS Control Society (GSACS), Dr Jose de Sa said.

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