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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Google sharpens computer skills of Goa teachers

Panaji: Goa board of secondary and higher secondary education is upgrading the computer skills of school teachers and updating them on internet safety, engaging resource persons from Google Web Ranger.
A number of Goa board's operations have gone online over the last few years, following which the need was felt to sharpen the skills of teachers in use of computers and the internet.

High school and higher secondary school teachers as well as heads of schools are being trained, under the programme that will continue all through August.
Over the last three years, Goa board has launched a number of initiatives like on-line filling of forms, use of emails for correspondence, uploading all circulars and other important information on its website and digitization of its past records.
But, it was only this year that Goa board officials realized that teachers were ill-equipped in use of computers could prove a hindrance to the board's initiatives.
In 2016, Goa board employed computer-assisted paper corrections for the first time. The board is looking at arriving at more accurate results by using the new system. But, Goa board could put computerized paper corrections to use only in case of two subjects this year. The state board, in its determination to bring down the flood of applications for reevaluation, is facing just one hurdle - the teachers carrying out the paper corrections.
During the 2016 Class X and XII board exams, Goa board was all geared up to introduce the new system with a bang, but it is only when the teachers sat down to carry out the corrections that the board realised the major defect in putting the system to use. It turned out that the teachers were not skilled enough in their use of computers.
The board even received representations from the 'aggrieved' teachers, who felt the board should have trained them in the use of the computer-assisted system.
Board officials though felt that the system was very user-friendly for any average person well-versed enough in the use of computers.

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