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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Govt corp to handle state's garbage

Porvorim: In an attempt to address the state's ubiquitous garbage issue, the government has taken a step towards dealing with the matter in a co-ordinated and effective manner. A government-run corporation will be set-up to tackle the problem.

Tuesday saw the introduction of the Goa Waste Management Corporation Bill in the assembly. The Bill proposes to establish a waste management corporation with the aim "to promote and assist in the rapid and orderly establishment, growth and development of waste management services and facilities, in order to develop and create clean and sustainable waste free environment".
Minister for science and technology, Alina Saldanha, who tabled the Bill in statement of object and reasons, said, "There is an urgent need to address the problem of waste disposal at various areas in the state in a co-ordinated and effective manner. A special focus required to be given for management of waste in coastal belts, rural area and other such areas, as proposed by the government."
For this purpose, "...it is required to establish the Goa Waste Management Corporation to assist generally in the organization and scientific management of waste as mandated under the law," Saldanha added.
The government, through the department of science and technology, will provide for sufficient grant-in-aid. The government also expects to earn revenue from its solid waste management projects and facilitates, which will provide for upkeep and maintenance of the facilities of the corporation.
The corporation is expected to be funded through cess collected under the Goa Non-biodegradable Garbage Control Act as well as through green cess.
The fresh Bill also aims to give the government a leeway to impose its will, probably to combat opposition by locals in setting up waste management facility in their respective areas.

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