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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Panaji’s pay parking system loses its way

PANAJI: The city councillors on Thursday went defensive on the much touted pay parking system of the Corporation of the City of Panaji  by deciding to cut down the related monthly payment from the contractor to the corporation by 50 per cent that is from the existing sum of Rs 5 lakh to Rs 2.50 lakh.  
The pay parking system was implemented in the city from May 2016, and a Margao-based firm Straight Deal Services was entrusted with the task of collecting fees towards parking of vehicles in Panaji.
The system had however been implemented partly in the city.

The CCP councillors at the ordinary meeting were informed that the pay parking contractor, till date has paid an amount of only Rs 2 lakh to the corporation, and further expressed his inability to make full payment to the corporation, demanding a rebate in the payment.
They were also informed that the pay parking contractor had complained about failure of the corporation to put pay parking signages as well as demarcate parking areas around the city.
Incidentally, the CCP could not raise the pay parking related infrastructure in the city due to the advancing monsoon.
Looking at the grim scenario, the CCP councillors decided to extend a 50 per cent rebate to the pay parking contractor till November 2016 by which time the required pay parking infrastructure would be raised by the corporation. From December 2016, the pay parking contractor will however have to make a monthly payment of Rs 5 lakh to the corporation.
City mayor Surendra Furtado told ‘The Navhind Times’ that legal opinion would also be sought as regards giving rebate to the pay parking contractor by moving outside the ambit of the agreement. Furtado maintained that the draft of the agreement between the CCP and the pay parking contractor was erroneous and had no clause as regards providing free parking passes to the residents of the city, if they did not have any open spaces to park their vehicles.
“We were supposed to provide such passes to such residents, for parking one two-wheeler and one four-wheeler, per household,” he added, maintaining that the CCP would now get such a clause inserted in the agreement, at the time of allowing 50 per cent rebate to the pay parking contractor, on his monthly payment.

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