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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Hoping for an MGP alliance, BBSM keeps doors open for ‘gutsy’ BJP men

PANJIM: Expecting that the Maharashtrawadi Gomantak Party (MGP) will form an alliance for the upcoming 2017 polls, the Bharatiya Bhasha Suraksha Manch (BBSM) on Sunday also kept its doors open for the BJP legislators who wished to join their to-be formed political outfit.

BBSM has called for a special meeting on September 27 to decide on their alliance with MGP, who are coalition partners in the BJP-led State government. BBSM had earlier set September 30 deadline for the MGP to break ties with BJP. The BJP, meanwhile, has already announced that it would maintain the existing alliance for the coming election.
“Some BJP MLAs are not happy with the party’s decision on Medium of Instruction issue; their conscience does not permit them to accept what the party has been saying. I feel that they should show guts and come with us. Our doors are open for them. We will welcome them,” BBSM Convener Subhash Velingkar told media persons, after chairing the meeting of district and taluka level workers.
Velingkar, the RSS Goa Prant chief, said they are hopeful that MGP, which aligns with the ideology of the manch, would accept the offer to have a pre-poll alliance. “With BBSM and MGP, there are 14 seats where we are A-plus, three seats A grade and we can wrestle out more four constituencies so that we can attain the 21-figure,” he said.
“MGP will be able to win majority 21 out of 40 seats in the election with the help of BBSM,” he said warning that if MGP fails to break their ties with BJP, then BBSM will field candidate against them too.
“Without MGP, we will be able to win 10 seats,” Velingkar said adding that BBSM is currently working to contest 35 seats on its own and are waiting to shortlist the candidates.
BBSM leader claimed that the BJP has been seeing their defeat during the upcoming Goa polls and hence might try to advance the election to November by keeping everyone guessing.
Responding to the BJP attack on BBSM and RSS Goa Prant during party meeting on Friday, Velingkar said BBSM is expecting that BJP would be more aggressive as the election nears. “I was expecting that they will be aggressive with the elections nearing  ... But I am not afraid of them as they can’t pick up anything against me,” he added.
 “After October 2, we will also start talking against them in a more aggressive manner,” he stated.
Equating BBSM movement to that of Anna Hazare’s anti-corruption crusade, Velingkar said that their agitation will not be restricted only to language as a subject, but will take up other issues required to defeat any political party.

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