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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Scarlett verdict shows how cops slipped over slippers

Panaji: The verdict in the British teenager Scarlett Keeling death case is a reflection of the Goa police’s casual approach in probing the hi-profile case given that they failed to attach the orange coloured chappals that were found near the body. The Central Bureau of Investigation said that the chappals belonged to the accused Samson D’Souza, who had them taken away later.

Keeling’s body was discovered on the Anjuna Beach on the the morning of February 18, 2008.
The CBI claimed the chappals were one of the incriminating circumstances against the accused. In its bid to prove that accused was with the deceased before he left her to die on the beach, the prosecution examined witnesses to drive home the point that his chappals were seen by them near the dead body. Even the police panchanama recorded that a pair of orange coloured chappals were lying at a distance of 2m from the body.
But, the children’s court noted that police sub inspector (PSI) Laxi Amonkar had not tendered any reason for failing to attach the chappals under the panchanama.
The court further noted that neither had police inspector (PI) Nerlon Albuquerque and Amonkar’s investigation revealed the presence of orange colour chappals at the spot, nor did PI Braz Menezes recover any such chappals under the disclosure panchanama.
A waiter, Chandru Chavan, working at Lui’s Shack, in his deposition before the court, said that he had shown the owner of the shack the exact spot where the body was found and that the owner had noticed the chappals and identified them as belonging to D’Souza.
Chawan told the court that he had handed the chappals over to D’Souza, who had asked him to bring his chappals from the beach.
The children’s court president Vandana Tendulkar observed that the Lui’s shack owner and waiter’s version could not be fully believed and stated that the waiter’s testimony was an improved version made at the instance of the police.

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