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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Monika was raped before being choked to death: DIG

PANAJI: Perfumer and researcher Monika Ghurde was raped before she was killed, police have said. “The accused Rajkumar Singh has confessed to the crime. He raped her before choking her to death. We have clinching evidence against the accused,” said Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG) V Gupta addressing media at the police headquarters on Tuesday.

Apart from the murder, the accused will be charged for rape, said Gupta. He said that the accused had shaved while he was in the flat and that they have recovered hair. “This is the clinching evidence to prove the presence of the accused in the flat. We will be sending it for DNA analysis,” said Gupta.
Twenty-one year old Singh, a native of Punjab, was arrested on Sunday from Bengaluru. He was a former security guard at the complex in Bella Vista at Sangolda where Ghurde (38) was residing since June this year. Singh has been remanded to police custody.
Gupta said that there were a number of complaints against the accused. He, however, said that he was of the impression that owing to Ghurde’s complaint regarding a stolen umbrella, he was sacked from the job. “Anger and lust were the main motives behind the rape and murder. The accused was fascinated by her and was keeping her track. He realised that she was alone and did not have many visitors,” said Gupta.
According to police, the accused entered the building through the front gate on October 3 afternoon and left after committing the crime in the wee hours of October 6.
Gupta said that the accused executed his crime in a planned manner and that he knew the building, especially the flat of the victim very well. “For two days, he stayed on the terrace of the building without getting noticed. Bread that was hooked to a door of a flat and water from a tap in the building was his only source of food,” said Gupta referring to the statements of the accused.
During these two days, he discreetly came down to check whether Ghurde had returned. On October 5, in the afternoon, he saw her vehicle parked in the parking lot. “Later, in the evening, he knocked the door. When she inquired, he claimed he was security supervisor and when the door was open, the accused forcibly entered and threatened her at knifepoint,” said Gupta.
Police said that the accused then overpowered her and took her to the bathroom and then to the bedroom where both her hands and legs were tied. At this time, the accused demanded money. He searched Ghurde’s purse and found Rs 4,000 cash, police said adding that he wanted more money. “He took ATM card and mobile phone and forced her to provide him the passwords. The accused also showed three porn video clippings on his mobile phone to the deceased and later forcefully sexually exploited her. At this time, he untied her legs,” said Gupta.
In the meantime, the accused also went to the kitchen, boiled eggs and got other eatables such as chocolates to eat, police said. Since the victim knew him and that he would be exposed, the accused suffocated her to death, said Gupta.
Providing the background, Gupta said that the accused, a son of an agriculturist, had come to Goa on April 5, 2016. After working for a security agency at Patto in Panaji for a month, he shifted to another security agency in May and was deployed at the complex in Bella Vista in Sangolda.
With studies upto Class 11 (regular) and a correspondence course till first year in commerce stream, he has no previous bad track record, police said.
In June this year, Ghurde visited the complex to check for flats on rent. The accused was on duty and Ghurde inquired with him regarding any vacant flats. In the next few days, Ghurde shifted there. “Accused was fascinated by her from day one,” said Gupta. The accused even washed cars of the residents in the complex including that of Ghurde. Sometimes, he used to go to Ghurde’s flat to get the car key while at other times, Ghurde used to come down to hand over the key.
On July 22, the accused was sacked from his job owing to a number of complaints including that of Ghurde whose umbrella was reportedly stolen by the accused. His salary of two months amounting to around Rs 20,000 was withheld, said police. However, the accused linked his loss of job to only Ghurde’s complaint. On a couple of occasions, he also visited the apartment of Ghurde and contacted her insisting that she tell his employer to reinstate him.
After being sacked from his job, he worked as a labour at Ponda and then tried seeking employment in Mumbai, Hyderabad and Pune. Unsuccessful, he returned to Goa and visited the complex in Sangolda to recover his money which the residents seemed to have owed him for the service he provided to wash cars.
The postmortem report of Ghurde has revealed that she died due to asphyxia as a result of compression of mouth and neck. There were also bite marks on her body.

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