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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Govt yet to act against vessels with LED lights

Panaji: The fishermens' campaign for a ban on LED lights and bull trawling, which saw them surrendering their canoes and equipment, forced the government last week to issue a notification to protect the interest of traditional fishermen.
Purseiners and vessels fitted with LED lights are yet to be inspected and impounded as per the notification, ramponkars told TOI .
"The department of fisheries had assured us that fishing vessels would be inspected, and those with LED lights would be impounded. But, there have been no inspections at Malim jetty yet," said Menino Afonso, chairperson, Mandovi fisheries cooperative society.
"When the notification has already been issued, what are the inspectors waiting for?" said joint secretary, Goenchea Ramponnkarancho Ekvott (GRE), Olencio Simoes . "Inspections must begin at the earliest."
The department officials impounded two mechanized fishing vessels at Cutbona fishing jetty on Saturday as part of the implementation process to ensure that the equipment is removed. Director of fisheries, Shamila Monteiro assured that the notification is being implemented at other jetties as well.
"All those fishing vessels with LED lights have removed their lights as per our instructions. Thus, there is no point in doing inspections. In case some of them still have LED lights, they will be caught since they have to go through the inspectors for a pass before they venture into the sea for fishing," she said.
Monteiro further said that constant patrolling by the coastal police will also be done to ensure that the imposed ban on LED lights and bull trawling is strictly implemented.

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