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Sunday, May 22, 2016

People of Goa tune in to Mann ki baat

Panaji: Aam Aadmi Party's (AAP) member of parliament from Punjab, Bhagwant Mann, said that Goa and Punjab have much in common. "There is a drug problem in Punjab, as in Goa. You have mining, we have sand mining," he told the AAP rally in Panaji on Sunday.
"You have BJP, we have BJP plus Akali in Punjab," said Mann, sharing some similarities between the two atates. Both states are heading towards elections together, and now it's Goa's turn.
Mann kept the audience enthralled with his wit and recited a few couplets as he criticized both national parties who he said ridiculed AAP when it was formed and they had started preparing for the elections.
When former chief minister of Delhi Sheila Dixit was asked what she thought of the candidature of Arvind Kejriwal at an election booth in 2013 assembly elections, she retorted, "Who is Arvind Kejriwal?"
The AAP won 28 seats in the election while the ruling Congress was diminished.
"I'm sure now she will never forget who Arvind Kejriwal is," he said.
Mann specifically pointed out how the AAP was ridiculed by allthe media as well as established political parties. Everyone had to eat a slice of the humble pie after the stupendous success of AAP in Delhi, he said.
"They all under estimated AAP. Don't under estimate the public," warned Mann, reminding the public how Congress fortresses have crumbled. This is what happens when politicians and political parties try to rule people rather than win their hearts, he said.
He urged the people of Goa to wake up, and join the revolution.
Others who spoke at the rally were advocate Satish Sonak, Dinesh Waghela and Pankaj Gupta

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