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Friday, May 6, 2016

Ward 13 councillor recklessly balding trees

PANAJI : Commissioner of the Corporation of the City of Panaji (CCP) Sanjit Rodrigues on Thursday issued a circular charting out guidelines for cutting trees in the jurisdiction of the Corporation, just as ward 13 councillor Dinesh Salgaocar took up the work of recklessly balding tress in St Inez, a part of his ward, with the help of the CCP workers, in the morning.
The violation of the guidelines would empower the municipal engineer to file an immediate complaint against the supervisor-in-charge with appropriate authorities/forest department, and initiate an administrative action against him.
The circular further states that only trees located in private property but obstructing general public shall be pruned to the extent to remove the obstruction.
“It is observed that many trees of whatsoever nature within the limits of the CCP are cut, trimmed or pruned recklessly damaging precious tree cover in Panaji,” the circular says, adding that often workers and supervisors with instructions of councillors and other public damage trees indiscriminately.
Later, speaking to ‘The Navhind Times’, the CCP Commissioner said that he spoke to the councillor of ward number 13 during the day and told him to refrain from undertaking such activities.
“With such activities, we are losing precious tree cover of the city,” he maintained, observing that reckless behaviour of the representatives of the people, is further worsening the situation.
Furthermore, the circular says that any tree located in private property without any obstruction to public path shall be pruned after completing required formalities/necessary permission from the municipal engineer and by charging a fee of Rs 2,000 per tree.
“A tree situated in government/CCP’s properties shall be trimmed to the extent of clearing public obstruction only,” the circular states, pointing out, “Any tree to be felled totally only after proper assessment done and obtaining permission of the Commissioner.”
“Kishor Kholkar will be the supervisor and shall maintain a daily register of trees to be pruned on a day-to-day basis indicating location of the tree,” the circular informs.

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