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Thursday, June 30, 2016

A secular aam aadmi to be AAP face in Goa: Kejri

Panaji : Arvind Kejriwal 's Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) does not have a face to lead its election campaign for the 2017 assembly polls in Goa, but the party is confident that soon there will be a "secular aam aadmi" who will take charge to fight the "corrupt" BJP and Congress. "There are no dearth of leaders," the Delhi chief minister said.

At an interaction with editors, Kejriwal said he comes from a middle class family and was was a nobody before he contested the election and led the party to a resounding victory. Asked about his claim that the party will win 35 of the 40 seats in Goa without having a cadre, a feat never achieved in the state before, Kejriwal said, firstly, the election will not be fought by the AAP, but by the people of Goa. "It is their election, it is their vote. People will fight for their future."
The AAP national convener said people are fed up with existing politics. "In the 2012 election, people threw out the Congress and hence the BJP was voted in. Then the AAP was not there as an alternative. Now, the BJP will be defeated. And the AAP is there as an alternative."
Kejriwal added, "We don't have the money in the party account or in my account, nor the resources to fight the elections. But people see a hope in our party. When elections become a movement, you don't even realise what is happening. People will themselves join the AAP, go home to home to seek votes and they will even give the money."
Kejriwal said the AAP has not come to Goa to steal the benefits being given by the government. They will continue to get all the benefits under its rule. But he urged Goans not to be dependent on politicians forever. People have two options: to remain dependent on such politicians who loot and then distribute money illegally or to receive legal support from an AAP government.
He explained that after forming a government in Delhi, electricity tariffs have been brought down considerably in a transparent manner, free water supply is available to all, arrears of water bills have been waived off, free education, free medical treatment for all, and all this has come as a legal right.
Kejriwal said the MoI issue will be discussed with the people and a decision on the AAP's stand will be spelt out in its manifesto. The grants to 127 schools will continue, but what has to be done in the future will be laid out in consultation. "We will discuss everything. We did a Goa dialogue with fishermen, we will do more such dialogues," he added.
Kejriwal said though the BJP government has given grants for English-medium primary schools, their stated stand is to be against the grants. "There is a difference. They have given it out of compulsion," he said.

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