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Monday, June 6, 2016

Cops to penalise motorists found ignoring pedestrian crossing

PANAJI: In a first of its kind, the Goa police will start penalising motorists found ignoring pedestrian crossing (zebra crossing). A comprehensive drive aimed at prosecuting such offenders will begun from June 16.
“As per my observation out of 10 motorists, 9 ignore zebra crossing. Crossing the zebra crossing when pedestrians are waiting to cross the road or vehicles parked on the zebra crossing is an offence under the Motor Vehicle Act.” said Director General of Police (DGP) Dr Muktesh Chander.
The offence carries a fine of Rs 100, and according to Chander, police personnel will be deployed at the zebra crossings across the state at specific times.
In this regard, Chander has also issued instructions to the traffic police to initiate the process so that educative posters or sign boards are installed, few metres away from the zebra crossings.
“At every junction as well as near every bus stand, there has to be a zebra crossing. I feel that the number of zebra crossing is inadequate in Goa”, he said.
While the police in a bid to ensure safety have been undertaking various road safety drives, the DGP informed that they will compile a detailed database of motorists booked for drunk driving.
According to the police it is an offence if a driver/rider is found consumed alcohol above the permissible limit (30mg per 100 ml of blood).
“We are initiating a study on the number of persons (motorists) booked for drunk driving, and those prosecuted by courts. Apart from this, we will also maintain a database (manual) of repeated offenders (drunk driving),” said Chander.
The DGP said that the police department is also in process to procure around 5 cameras that can be mounted on vehicles.
“These cameras will be fitted to the vehicles of traffic police inspectors in major locations. It will be useful for recording the incidents especially traffic violations. The device will be also equipped with a GPS tracking device,” he informed adding that “we are also planning to procure body-worn cameras for police personnel.”
While commenting on the enforcement aspect, he said, “I have instructed police personnel to focus on quality prosecution such as motorist found drunk, overspeeding, talking on mobile while riding/driving, dangerous driving, ignoring zebra crossing, overtaking on bridges and so on”.
He said that he has also instructed the police personnel to check for pollution certificates of vehicles including that of government departments.
From July 1, the Goa police will seize driving licences of motorists found over-speeding, driving under the influence of alcohol, overloading (goods carriages), carrying people in goods carriages and using mobile phone while driving.
The seized driving licence will be then forwarded to the transport department for its suspension for a period of not less than three months.
In this connection, Chander informed that they are planning to put up informative messages (electronically or boards) in prominent places including malls and cinema theatres in the city.

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