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Monday, June 27, 2016

GFG hits out at ordinance to regularise illegal structures

Says it is a move to build a vote bank of migrant voters; seeks a law to stop the sale of land to outsiders

MARGAO: Goans for Goa (GFG) opposed the cabinet decision to pass an ordinance to regularise all illegal structures and houses built in private lands. They said this is yet another attempt by the BJP government to lure migrants and get their votes.
“By regularising these illegal structures through an ordinance the BJP government is actually rewarding the wrong doer and punishing the genuine Goan landowner, whose lands have been usurped by these unscrupulous elements,” GFG president Kennedy Afonso said.
GFG demanded to know from the chief minister, whether there is a provision in the local law to regularise illegal houses built by outsiders, on someone else’s land? “If not, how come the cabinet approved this ordinance to regularise illegal houses built by migrants, on land owned by Goans? This is akin to granting Special Status to illegal encroachers,” Afonso said.
GFG referred to the recent judgement passed by the Bombay High Court that such illegal structures cannot be regularised and compared the situation to Goa where the State government with an eye on vote bank politics is going ahead with such a controversial ordinance.
“If the government can pass such an ordinances to protect the interests of migrants, why can’t the BJP government draft a similar  bill, with a provision that will stop the sale of Goan land to outsiders, to protect the interests of Goans, until Special Status becomes a reality?” he asked.
GFG said that this exposes that the BJP government is working against the interest of Goans, and is going all out to pamper migrants with an eye on the forthcoming elections.

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