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Sunday, June 12, 2016

GRE opposes proposed satellite port at Betul

VASCO: Traditional fishermen community members from all over the state under the banner of Goenchea Ramponcarancho Ekvot have strongly opposed the satellite port which has been proposed by the central and the state governments at Betul.
A meeting of the traditional fishermen community members from all over the state was convened at Velsao in Cortalim on Sunday evening in order to discuss the issues being faced by the fishing community members. The meeting was chaired by GRE president Agnelo Rodrigues and was attended by its joint general secretary Olencio Simoes and the executive committee members of various other traditional fishing associations.
Addressing pressmen after the meeting, the joint secretary of GRE Simoes disclosed that the fishing community members do not want the satellite port which has been proposed by the central and state governments in Betul.
“The fishing community members do not want two ports in Goa which would destroy the fishing business of the traditional fishermen and their livelihood”, stated Simoes.
He disclosed that 40 per cent of Goa’s coastline is already grabbed by central government agencies and the proposal to set up a satellite port in Betul would kill the livelihood of the local fishermen.
“The traditional fishermen have also objected to river dredging with 5 meter depth which is proposed by the state government”, stated Simoes.
GRE has strongly criticised the Union Minister for Road, Transport Highways and Shipping Nitin Gadkari for proposing the project in the state.
“The fishermen do not require any project which is harmful to the environment”, stated GRE president Rodrigues.
GRE has also opposed the capital dredging in the navigational channel of MPT. GRE has alleged that capital dredging is being carried out without obtaining the environmental clearance.
The traditional fishermen however have threatened to launch an agitation and take to the streets if the state government fails to protect the structures of traditional fishermen at Baina beach and goes ahead with its decision to demolish the same.

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