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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

ND Agarwal exposes GMC’s ‘sickness’

PANJIM: The one-man committee appointed by the government to look into the functioning of Goa Medical College (GMC) has been critical of the state of affairs in the hospital.
ND Agarwal was appointed by the government to scrutinise and act on a number of complaints filed against GMC by various people, including doctors, nurses, staff members, patients and non-government organisations.
Sources in the Health Department said the report has been critical of the state of affairs. “The report exposes state of affairs in the hospital including water supply, contractors, canteen,” sources stated. The report also narrates how neighbouring residents use water supplied to GMC, sources said.
When contacted, Agarwal confirmed he had submitted the report but refused to give details of the report. “I have submitted the interim report to the government but I cannot say anything further. It is not ethical,” he said.
Dy Chief Minister Francis D’Souza, who is also the Health Minister, admitted that the report has been submitted but said he had not read it. “I have received the report but could not read it,” D’Souza said.
When told that the report is critical of the affairs in GMC, he said, “The inquiry commission cannot criticise anything, it has to just report and make recommendations. It depends on the government whether or not to accept them,” he said.
The state-run GMC was in the news recently due a number of allegations against it including, non-availability of essential medicines, poor quality of medical facilities and mismanagement and shortage of water.

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