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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Now, pay your power bills online

Panaji: Electricity consumers have now begun receiving bills that have been pending for the past few months and the department has given these consumers; both domestic and commercial, the option of settling their dues in instalments. Domestic consumers, including those with bills below 50,000 can approach their assistant engineer with a request to pay the bill in instalments. Bills between 50,000-1 lakh can be referred to the concerned executive engineer and those exceeding one lakh rupees will have to approach their superintending engineer.
Electricity consumers in Tiswadi, Ponda and parts of Verna have also begun receiving electricity bills in the new strip-bill format generated by spot-billing machines introduced under the electricity department's new Restructured accelerated power development reform program (RAPDRP). Department officials can now key in the latest metre readings on the new spot-billing machines and hand over the strip-bills instantly to consumers. Consumers have complained about the light ink on the strip-bills, which are similar to grocery bills, and department officials have promised to look into this.
The RAPDRP, with a focus on it implementation, is revamping all the department's utilities. The transition to the new system, through Goa electronics limited (GEL), is responsible for consumers in areas that are not receiving their power bills since the past few months.
Instead of introducing the new strip bill format to all consumers in the state, the department decided try it out for the 1, 40,000 consumers in Tiswadi, Ponda and Verna and move to the rest of the state only once the billing process is full proof. Until this transition to the new system is made, the rest of the 4, 40,000 consumers in the state will continue to receive their bills generated by Goa Electronics Limited (GEL).
Online payment services are being resumed for these consumers. Some have already been able to pay their recent bills online, while the facility hasn't resumed for the others. The department has requested consumers to log into www.goaelectricity.gov.in only and select one's area before making a payment. Once a consumer enters his/her 11 digit contract account number he/she should be able to see the latest bill. In due time, consumers not content with receiving strip bills will be able to print the entire format of their bill.

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