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Friday, June 17, 2016

Two Goa cops continue to ‘serve’ in police stations after these statements and a Special Branch indictment

PI Nilesh Rane, Constable Vinod Naik named in prostitution racket still in service; inquiry initiated against them after over a month and following Herald reports; Anjuna police protected the tainted duo by not naming them in the FIR

PANJIM: Goa Police has been found defending their man alleged to have a hand in a major prostitution racket that was busted in Anjuna last month. The deposition before the Sub Divisional Magistrate (SDM), by a West Bengal-based girl who was rescued from prostitution, has named Police Inspector Nilesh Rane and Constable Vinod Naik, exposing the nexus.
On April 26, the Anjuna Police had busted a prostitution racket and rescued two girls from West Bengal of which one of them gave statements on the nexus between the two policemen and the pimps who ran the sex racket.
Anjuna Police had arrested one pimp and another who was on the run was arrested subsequently.
During the course of recording statements, the girl revealed the names of police officers in the nexus. However, Anjuna Police Inspector Paresh Naik protected Rane and the constable, Paresh Naik, despite clinching evidence. Also Goa Police, though aware that PI Rane and constable Naik have been named by the girl, allowed the officers to continue in service. It’s only now that an inquiry has been initiated against the duo.
Herald was the first to expose the case of PI Rane and constable Naik hidden in the Anjuna Police files. Following the report in Herald on April 28, 2016, the Director General of Police had asked for a preliminary inquiry through CID Special Branch. Their report directly indicted PI Rane and constable Naik based on the statement of the witnesses.
Following the report, DGP Muktesh Chander asked for a departmental inquiry and allowed PI Rane to continue holding charge of Sanguem Police Station and his fellow constable in Saligao police station.
The rescued girl in her statement before SDM, panel members in the presence of an NGO, said, “PI Calangute Mr Nilesh Rane was very close to him (Sameer alias Amjad Khan) and used to not rescue his girls and arrest his boys. Rane’s friend Vinod who is also Police (referring to constable Vinod Naik) and one more person to take sexual services from the girls. Mr Nilesh Rane used to take hafta from Sameer for his safety and protection. Rane and Sameer were good friends and he used to inform him about any raids.” (The statement of the victim has been quoted verbatim without correcting grammatical errors)
It is clear that Anjuna Police did not indict their colleagues in the offence in which serious allegations were made against the Police Inspector who was then in charge of Calangute Police Station. Even after their names were revealed in the statement by the rescued girl, the Anjuna Police Inspector did not name the duo in the FIR. The Anjuna PI also allowed the rescued girl to be released from the protective home after her statement before the SDM.
Constable Naik was ‘ENTERTAINED’ at pimps apartment and PI “TOOK SERVICES” from girls at Reis Magos hotel
The prostitution victim has also made some more damaging statements. Further she said that one Saif Khan, driver of Sameer, had informed her a day before she was rescued by the Anjuna police that two policemen including Nilesh Rane were trying to cause harm to her. She also said that the day before her rescue, Vinod (Constable Vinod Naik) visited Sameer’s apartment, in Sangolda, where Sameer used to keep the girls. According to her, constable Vinod Naik was “entertained” by one of the girls from Delhi. “Nilesh Rane used to visit a hotel at Reis Magos to take services of girls provided by Sameer,” she has said.
It is surprising that inspite of clear statements and a CID Special Branch inquiry conducted by a senior IPS officer, these cops are being treated like sons-in-law of the Goa Police and allowed to serve in crucial police stations.

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