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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Was then GCA president Narvekar clueless of the Rs 2.87 cr BCCI cheque?

Question arises whether Narvekar was in the dark or deliberately ignored the matter; cheque kept pending six months before being deposited

PANJIM: While police investigations into the Rs 3.13 cr fraud in the Goa Cricket Association (GCA) continue, the question arises as to how then GCA president Dayanand Narvekar had no clue of the matter.
Herald inquiries reveal that the cheque (ICICI Bank, Chennai) from Board for Control of Cricket in India (BCCI) came in on October 23, 2006 but was deposited only on, April 13, 2007, just before its six months validity could expire.
At that time, Narvekar was the GCA president, Dessai was the secretary and Phadke was the treasurer. What is important here is at, Narvekar was, also vice-president of the BCCI at the same time.
According to a GCA insider, in April 2007, a bank account was opened by where Phadke posed as president, Dessai posed as secretary and Mulla posed as treasurer. The account was closed in March 2008 after the entire amount (Rs 2.87 crore) was withdrawn by cash or bearer cheques.
The question arises as how Narvekar, who was considered the most powerful person of Goa cricket at that time, and who controlled GCA affairs, did not know about the ‘fraud’.
When contacted, Narvekar told Herald, he has no clue of the ‘fraud’. “I am in Mumbai right now and whatever I know is only through the papers. I have absolutely no clue of the amount of Rs 2.87 cr from BCCI,” he said.
Questions are also being asked as to whether Narvekar deliberately ignored the ‘fraud’ as he needed the support of Dessai, Phadke and Mulla.
It is also surprising as Rs 2.87 cr had a lot more value 10 years ago than today and sources say it is unimaginable how Narvekar would be unaware that this amount was due from BCCI, especially since he was an office bearer of the board. Besides, the cheque was kept pending for almost six months before it was deposited.
When Herald contacted Goa Police asking whether Narvekar will be called for questioning, they said, “Whoever is connected with the case will be called and questioned.”

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