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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Airfares to Goa soar as Aug 15 nears

Panaji : With independence day falling on a Monday this year, airline companies, having already smelt the approaching extended weekend, have started to soaring ticket prices to Goa. Flying into Goa from metros like Mumbai and Bengaluru on the Friday preceding August 15 is going to be three times costlier.

While the regular fare on the Mumbai-Goa route is around Rs 1,499, on August 12 the fare is positioned at Rs 5,535. Holidayers from Bengaluru will have to shell out a similar sum of Rs 5,500 to fly to Goa for the Independence Day weekend, as against the regular fare of Rs 1,556. The weekend starting Friday, August 12, offers four days of a tempting mini-holiday opportunity for officer goers.
For residents of most other big cities too, the cost of holidaying in Goa around Independence Day has doubled with prices set to rise even further as August 15 draws nearer.
A ticket from Ahmedabad to Goa costs Rs 2,874 most of July and the first half of August, but shoots to an unnaturally high Rs 7,575 on August 12. Chennaites and Delhites are witnessing a similar unusual, but not unexpected, fare hike on August 12.
In some cases, the prices of flight tickets begin to rise on August 11 itself in anticipation that some holidayers may try to stretch the weekend even further.
The cost of flying out of Goa after the extended weekend ends is also seeing an upward movement already. Flight tickets cost more than twice the normal fare on August 15, 16 and 17, not providing holidayers any escape from the high ticket price.
All a smart traveller can do now is to book flight tickets to Goa for the weekend while the costs are still within reach.

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