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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

FORCE rejects advisory panel on MoI

PANJIM: Criticising the BJP-led government for trying to fool the people of Goa on the contentious issue of Medium of Instruction (MoI), the Forum for Rights of Children to Education (FORCE) rejected the government appointed 17-member advisory committee to revisit the issue.

FORCE on Wednesday held a meeting of Parent’s Teachers Associations (PTA) from North Goa schools, wherein they unanimously rejected the committee headed by Higher Education Director Bhaskar Nayak.
The meeting hinted of agitations during the BRICS summit, scheduled in Goa in October, if the MoI bill is not passed during the forthcoming Monsoon session of the Legislative Assembly, beginning from July 25.
Addressing the meeting, FORCE Secretary Savio Lopes criticized the government for delaying the issue by setting up the advisory committee. “BJP government comprises of a bunch of fools and also it is incompetent with no guts. It’s been five years that the government is going on setting up different committees in which not a single educationist is present and delaying the matter further,” he said adding, “by the time 120 days are completed, the election code of conduct will come into force with the government totally sidelining the issue with an excuse.”
FORCE warned the government not to play with children and their education, taunting that ‘development is not distributing free LED bulbs but providing good quality education which will uplift the society’.
During the meeting, PTA members came out with series of suggestions, which included disturbing the BRICS summit and a kind of opinion poll on who is in favour of MoI in English and who is not.
Another parent suggested that if the issue is not resolved in the upcoming monsoon session they should vote against the government in the 2017 Assembly elections.
Lopes accused the Bharatiya Bhasha Suraksha Manch (BBSM) of trying to create a communal divide in the State in the name of caste and religion. Quoting one of the magazine’s he said RSS has been exposed for supporting English medium schools in other states. “They (BBSM) don’t have a problem if parents send their children to private English medium institutions. This proves that they only have a problem with the poor,” he stated.
FORCE reiterated its demand that parents be allowed to decide the MoI for their children at the primary education.
The government on Tuesday decided to re-examine the MoI issue following recommendations from its Academic Authority, which is the State Council for Education, Research and Training (SCERT). Accordingly it announced a committee to advise on the issue.

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