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Friday, July 29, 2016

Goa Dairy chief ‘doesn’t fear’ SUMUL

PONDA: Madha Sahakari was elected unopposed as the chairman of Goa Dairy, on Friday.
After his election, Sahakari said that he is neither scared of SUMUL entry nor worried about the competition it poses.

Sahakari was reacting to reports that some dairy farmers are switching over to SUMUL affecting Goa Dairy’s milk procurement.
“We are neither scared of SUMUL nor treat it as our competitor. Goa Dairy is long established and a leading organization in the field of milk processing over the years and moving steadily towards progress. We will take decisions that will be in the interest of our milk supplying farmers,” Sahakari said adding, “Even if there is Competition from SUMUL we will face it.”
The post of Goa Dairy chairman fell vacant after Baburao Fatto Desai was voted out as chairman in a no confidence motion, recently.
Sahakari said that the term of the Board of Directors of Goa Dairy would end in four months, but before that he would work to improve the financial position of Goa Dairy and welfare of its milk supplying farmers.

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