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Monday, July 25, 2016

Goa makes strong case against Mhadei water diversion; Karnataka on back foot

SAKHALI: Goa’s counsel put up a stiff opposition to Karnataka team before Mhadei Water Disputes Tribunal and destroyed every single proposition of senior counsel for Karnataka Fali Nariman.

Just as Goa counsel Atmaram Nadkarni was about to conclude arguments, Nariman tried to file rejoinder but the tribunal said that it is unfair to file a rejoinder after Goa’s counsel has almost finished arguments. The tribunal has posted order on interlocutory application for July 27.
Nadkarni, who is Goa’s counsel, put up points to safeguard the lifeline of Goa – Mhadei and said, “In the interlocutory application filed, Karnataka’s case was as regards permitting 7 TMC of water in drought affected areas. In reply Goa pointed out how 7 TMC is not required and how the case of drought does not survive. Therefore, in rejoinder Karnataka changed its case to 7 TMC required in Malaprabha command area. In sub-rejoinder Goa pointed out that in the statement of case Karnataka has prayed as final relief, only 2 TMC of water for Malaprabha command area. Therefore, in the written rejoinder filed on July 18, it is changed to 2 TMC in Malaprabha command area, 2.9 TMC for drinking water in downstream areas and .656 TMC in Hubi-Dharwad. This is contrary to Malaprabha DPR (revised 33B) wherein drinking water requirements are only 0.216 TMC for drinking as well as industrial purposes.”
Goa argued that Karnataka has not shown that Mahadayi is a surplus basin and so lifting of water from one basin to another basin is neither permissible nor practicable. Nadkarni said, “The NWDA study which points out surplus basins in the country does not mention Mahadayi to be one.”
Goa said that Karnataka’s proposal to lift at three points is also neither feasible nor possible. Nadkarni said, “Karnataka seeks permission to divert 5.5 (4 + 1.5) TMC of water at Bhanduri nullah. In this according to Karnataka’s extended time series its cumulative yield is 9.09 TMC whereas according to Goa it is 2.81. Any lifting of water from these points will reduce and change regime of flow. The reduced regime of flow will immediately affect the downstream areas. At Kalasa it will immediately result in stoppage of Surla waterfalls and affect the major portions of Western Ghats and Mahadayi Wildlife Sanctuary bringing in less water, whereas drawing of the water will reduce the water in Mahadayi river as well Mahadayi wildlife sanctuary,” Goa’s counsel said.
“Goa has demonstrated as to how during June to September 2015 on account of less rainfall, the level of the water in river Mahadayi at Ganjem drastically reduced and as such the water pumps which pump water and transmit it to Opa water supply, could not pump the water as the minimum required depth of 2.4 to 3 mtrs was not available, requiring Goa to supply drinking water to its population by pumping water from the mining pits,” Nadkarni recalled.
Goa has also pointed out as to how its 16 out of 18 bandaras were completely dry in May 2016. Upto June 15, 2016 the two irrigation dams had not even filled up to the full reservoir level. If this is the condition with less rainfall then obviously it is not difficult to imagine with the lifting of 7 TMC of water at different points there is going to be a change of regime flow having drastic effect on Goa.

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