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Monday, July 4, 2016

Now, net your kharem at the click of a mouse

Panaji : With the range of food products being sold online only increasing, how could local Goan produce be left behind? Goan dry fish, known as kharem , is now just a click away.

Online portal NearBuy.com will offer doorstep delivery of dry fish, dry prawns and dry squids.
" Kharem has a peculiar taste and is in great demand within the Goan community settled across the country. Even people from Kolkata and other coastal belts buy a lot of dry fish," said marketing consultant, NearBuy, Viraj Hegde said.
While living in Hyderabad during his under-graduation from 2009-12, Hedge missed eating fresh fish. After returning, his fish cravings didn't die owing to his frequent travels for work-related purposes and internship in other states.
It is this craving that urged him to make kharem available to people online and he tied up with wholesale kharem sellers of Colva. The item's logistic convenience and shelf life of six months led him to pitch the idea to NearBuy.
" Kharem has a lot of market if promoted properly. If there is good reach, pricing and logistics, then the product has a lot of potential," he added. The offer will go live by the weekend.
Vasco-based Richard Pereira has been delivering fresh fish in Vasco and Panaji for nearly a year on his website Fishopper.com. He now intends to sell dry fish as well.
"I just want to make it convenient for locals to buy fish at the click of a button. There is a niche market for it, especially since it's rare to have home delivery for fish in Goa."
The twenty-year-old incidentally is the son of a fisherman. His family business coupled with his studies in BBA helps him understand the market better.
Pereira told TOI that the online business needs a lot of patience.
Since fish prices fluctuate everyday, he has to painstakingly update price and availability of each variety on a daily basis. "After a lot of research, we decided that we will keep the website open for other whole sellers to also sell their fish too."
On certain purchases Pereira also offers small prawns or squids free of cost.
Betim-based Siddhi Bhonsle's app Fresh Fish Basket has gained nearly 1000 downloads since its launch in December 2014.
Having access to her own fishing trawler, she is able to cater to the requirements of her clients each day, besides also sourcing some fish from other trawlers.
"The app is convenient for clients as people can download it easily and order fish while on the go. There is neither the hassle of going to the market nor the trouble of logging onto the computer to visit a website. This is a one stop shop for fish," she said.
Like NearBuy and Fishopper, she also is planning to start selling dry fish. " kharem is in high demand during the annual fishing ban, and many of our clients need it. We will venture into dry fish sale next fishing season," she said.

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