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Friday, July 15, 2016

Users take a dim view of free LED bulbs

PANAJI: After stakeholders in Goa’s electrical goods industry expressed doubts on the quality of the free LED bulbs distributed by the government, people who received the bulbs are also complaining about it.

The consumers using the bulbs said that the electrical products are not serving the purpose of illuminating the house or reading as the light is dim. They said that the bulbs are not giving proper night vision and therefore inappropriate for rooms where strong light is needed.
They are only suitable for less frequented areas, according to people. In fact, most of the bulbs have found their way into the bathroom or balconies of residents.
Rajesh Shirodkar from Taleigao, who received his free LED bulbs recently, said the government initiative is good, but the bulbs could have been brighter to help his son study at night.
“Presently we are continuing with the tubelight in the living room and the LED bulbs have been put to use in the passage and places where we do not need it regularly,” he said.
Asked about the quality, Shirodkar said that he is not knowledgeable about it but expressed his surprise that LED bulbs give out such weak light.
Mala resident Mahesh Kumar pointed out that the bulbs appear mediocre and not worth the publicity during distribution. They have no markings so it is difficult to judge the quality, he said.
“LED is supposed to be long lasting, and I am hoping that they last  longer period,” Kumar said.
He purchased the bulb at Rs 75 for three from the electricity department when the scheme was first announced by the government.
Another resident Asif Khan from St Inez said that he was thrilled to receive his free quota from the government at the thought of saving electricity bill by 25 per cent. However, Khan said that he was disappointed to discover that the bulbs could not be used in the hall where it is most necessary.
“The light emitted is less, and I have affixed them outside the front door, in the bathroom and in the kitchen,” Khan said.
On Thursday, several retailers and suppliers of LED bulbs told   ‘The Navhind Times’ that the government-distributed bulbs under the Jyotirmay Goa scheme are of inferior quality. The nine-watt bulb handed out by the government has luminosity (lumens) of only three watts and therefore consumers are cheated of a genuine product, said store owners.
The Jyotirmay Goa scheme is part of the central Ujala scheme that is aiming at affordable LED to all.
Different states are supplying the bulbs at different rates to their electricity consumers.
In Goa, the bulb is being given free. The government is going to distribute about 15 lakh bulbs to 4.8 lakh electricity consumers. The scheme is ongoing but the distribution has come to halt in Panaji because stocks have run out.

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