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Saturday, August 6, 2016

CM: all measures taken to prevent terror attacks

PANAJI: The government on Friday informed the state legislative assembly about the intelligence reports maintaining that Goa continues to remain an important target for terrorists, further stating that all precautionary measures have been taken to prevent terror attacks in the state, including monitoring telephone calls from Jammu and Kashmir, as well as the conflict zones of Syria and Iraq involving Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), and keeping a watch on those, who have arrived in Goa from these zones.

Speaking on a private members’ resolution tabled by leader of the opposition Pratapsing Rane and pertaining to preparing well-trained Anti-terrorist Squad (ATS) due to the present world situation of terrorism, the Chief Minister said that there already exists an exclusive ATS, with different wings like technical wing and intelligence wing; the technical wing monitoring social media and all efforts of radicalisation made through it. “The ATS has also banned flying of drones and paragliding in Goa,” he added.
Stating that Goa needs to have a foolproof security in view of the global threat of terrorism, Parsekar, who also holds the Home portfolio, said that there, however, needs to be a debate on the issue among the legislators, the police and the people in general, besides spreading related awareness.
The House later unanimously passed the particular resolution.
Speaking further, the Chief Minister said that the Eagle Commando Force at the disposal of the government has been trained to fight against terrorism attack and participate in field operations. “It has undergone rigorous training in Pune, Hyderabad and at Hazaribagh,” he added, further stating that the ATS also conducts mock drills around the state at regular intervals.
Parsekar revealed that surveillance is maintained on radical organisations, which have been banned in the country and otherwise. “Furthermore, there is a proposal to acquire modern equipment, gadgets and weapons for ATS,” he noted, assuring that the government will soon procure bulletproof jackets as well as helmets, and bulletproof vehicles for the ATS. It was also informed that vigilance is maintained on migrants and tenants.
Earlier, the leader of the opposition observed that terrorism, which is a war against humanity, has become the order of the day. “Unsuspected places are attacked,” he observed, mentioning that the tourist season in Goa would start soon, with crowds thronging every place in Goa, and hence there is a need to prepare the state for facing and countering terrorism.
Rane also informed the House that during the recent Shiva Jayanti event, a village panchayat member informed him about members of certain minority community holding meeting in a village from his Poriem constituency, and trying to indoctrinate people. “The local people do not like such things, but the government should never ignore these things,” he advised.
Deputy Chief Minister Francis D’Souza said that the issue of terrorism, which is basically a preventive issue, should be widely debated. “The people, who rent out their houses without checking the credentials of the tenants should be more careful,” he observed.
Calangute MLA Michael Lobo requested the government to keep ready a Bomb Disposal Squad for any eventuality along the North coastal belt from Anjuna to Arambol, while Porvorim legislator Rohan Khaunte stated that Wikipedia information on ‘Russians in India’ maintains that Russians prefer Goa for drug and sex trade, due to the poor administration in the state.
Sanvordem MLA Nilesh Cabral stated that the legislators themselves are behaving like terrorists by indicating threats through their irresponsible statements and thus distorting the image of Goa.

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