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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Goa Dairy hikes milk prices by Rs 3-4 a litre from Thursday

Ponda: In an unexpected move, the Goa Dairy has hiked prices of milk supplied by it by Rs 3-4 per litre, from Thursday. While Goa's standardized milk and full cream milk will be costlier by Rs 3 per litre, cow milk and toned milk will be dearer by Rs 4 per litre.

Standardized milk prices have gone up to Rs 43 from the earlier Rs 40 per litre, full cream milk to Rs 51 from Rs 48, cow milk to Rs 40 from Rs 36 and toned milk to Rs 37 from Rs 33.
Along with its announcement of hike in retail milk rates, Goa Dairy has also suggested a huge increase in milk procurement rates to milk producing farmers.
While cow milk was procured between Rs 22.54 and 28.45 per litre earlier, the farmers will now get anything between Rs 24.54 and Rs 31.71 per litre. Buffalo milk procurement price will be revised to anything between Rs 33.64 and Rs 51.77 from the earlier Rs 29.12 to Rs 37.81 per litre.
Half litre of standardized milk that was available for Rs 20 will now be sold for Rs 21.50, half litre cow milk will be sold for Rs 20 up from earlier price of Rs 18. The rate of half litre toned milk has been raised to Rs 18.50 from Rs 16.50 and one litre of full cream milk will now cost Rs 51instead of the earlier Rs 48.
This is the second hike seen during the five-year term of the present managing board of the Goa State Cooperative Milk Producers' Union, popularly known as 'Goa Dairy' that took over in January 2012. The first hike was implemented in July 1, 2014 when milk rates were raised by Rs 2 per litre.
At the time, a half litre packet of standardized milk available for Rs 19 went up to Rs 20. Similarly, half litre cow milk went up to Rs 18 from the earlier Rs 17, half litre toned milk was raised to Rs 16.50 from Rs 15.50 and one litre full cream milk was priced at Rs 48 from Rs 45.
Goa Dairy's new chairman Madhav Sahakari said the price hike was inevitable as there was a need to raise milk procurement rates for farmers. With the rate hike, the Dairy will earn Rs 48 lakh more, which would be distributed among the 6.5 thousand milk producing farmers through the increase in procurement rates, he said.
Despite the hike, Goa Dairy's milk prices are much lower than that of other other companies available in the Goan retail market, Sahakari added.
The Goa Dairy data reveals that the maximum hikes of milk prices has taken place during the chairmanship of Sahakari. During Sahakari's earlier five-year term, milk prices were hiked on seven occasions leading the milk prices to almost double. The standardized milk that cost Rs 18 in 2007 was raised to Rs 38 in 2011, a hike of Rs 20 per litre, and the rate of full cream milk went up from Rs 24 to Rs 42, a hike of Rs 18.

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