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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Pakistani captured by NIA reveals Islamabad's role in Burhan Wani protest

The National Investigation Agency (NIA) has released a video showing Bahadur Ali who had infiltrated into India to attack security forces making startling revelations about Pakistan Army and the role of terrorist groups in fueling protests in the Valley.

In a 12-minute-long interview conducted by the NIA, Ali not only states that the LeT directed him to use the current agitation in Kashmir as a cover for attacking security forces but also adds how Pakistan Army personnel allegedly provided tactical and logistical support to the LeT in order 'to wage jihad against India'.

Ali also says that moments before infiltrating into Kashmir he had asked his superiors on the possibility of the Indian army firing at them to which he was told that Pakistani Army, which is keeping an eye on them, would be providing cover fire in such a case.

Ali, a native of Zia-Bagha village in Lahore, states that nearly a month after infiltrating into Kashmir with the active support of LeT and officers of the Pakistani Army on June 11, he was told to mix with locals and eventually carry out grenade attacks in north Kashmir, which has been in turmoil following the killing of Hizbul Mujahideen local commander Burhan Wani on July 8.

The Pakistani national also reveals that his attempt to hurl grenades at security forces didn't succeed and soon he found himself in the custody of the Jammu and Kashmir police. The NIA, in an elaborate news conference at its headquarters in New Delhi, said local residents of Kupwara's Yahama district tipped off police on July 25, following which Ali was arrested.

"One day we reached near border to get some food and firing took place nearby. I ran towards the jungle and contacted Alpha-3, LeT's operation room in Pakistan. I told them that two of my brothers have been separated from me and they told me not to worry and that the two have been sent somewhere else... I asked them what to do if in need of food and they (operation room) managed food for me. When I contacted them again they told me that one of our brothers, a mujahid, has been killed in Srinagar. His name is Burhan Wani and the situation in Kashmir has deteriorated because of his killing and that people are throwing stones at the Indian forces. I was told that two of my partners have fuelled the protests and that I have to do the same, participate in protests with grenades in hand...throw them at the Indian forces so that situation in Kashmir will deteriorate," Ali is heard saying.

"Bahadur Ali was constantly guided and directed by the LeT control centre Alpha-3, which was available on a prefixed frequency on ICOM handsets, being carried by the terrorists. As per Ali and other available evidence, Alpha-3 is a fixed communication centre, established at a high altitude peak in Pakistan occupied Kashmir, which is operated with support from Pakistani forces. Once the terrorists are inside Indian territory, Alpha-3 guides, directs and controls their operations. Whenever required, Alpha-3 arranges tactical and material support through previously identified contacts," said Sanjeev Singh, IG, NIA adding that two suspected Pakistani armymen visited the Lashkar training camps regularly and were addressed as 'Major sahab' and 'Captain Sahab'.

Ali is also heard saying that the ghaibana namaz-e-janaza (funeral prayers in absentia), of Pakistani LeT cadres, who die in India while waging jihad, is performed in Pakistan. "He (Ali) said that he had participated in the ghaibana namaz-e-janaza of LeT commander of south Kashmir Abu Qasim, who died in Kashmir in October 2015. This was led by Hafiz Sayeed," Sanjeev Singh added.

The NIA revelations come a day after Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke about the unrest in Kashmir stating that a "handful of people" in the Valley were responsible for the current crisis. The NIA, apart from screening Ali's interview, also displayed the weapons, electronic mapping devices, gadgets and maps recovered from the LeT militants.

"Arms, ammunition and equipment recovered from terrorists establish support and involvement of military experts, Sanjeev Singh said. Six wireless (RT) sets, 4 AK-47 rifles, four compass, maps, matrix sheets, grenades and other military equipment were recovered by NIA. According to officials the engineering modifications done on Japanese-made ICOM RT sets require high degree of precision engineering in electronics. "Providing the terrorists with specific grid references for the route to be followed and use of GPS, compass and topographical sheets during movement also establish that these LeT terrorists were trained and mentored by military experts," said the NIA official.

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