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Friday, August 26, 2016

Vasco witnesses yet another gang scuffle

VASCO: A gang fight was reported in Vasco, on Friday, this time between groups from Baina and Mangor. This is the second such scuffle reported within the last 10 days.
On Friday evening, an argument broke between a couple of members from the two groups in Baina. The pretext was that one overtook the car of another. The matter soon turned physical. When the Baina gang subsequently approached Tanya hotel in Vasco, they were intercepted by a gang from Mangor and assaulted. Vasco police later detained the youth.

The first fight took place outside the Vasco police station between youth from New Vaddem. Vasco police, on Friday, arrested the culprits, Basvaraj Shastri, 23, Mehaboob Shaikh, 21, Venkatesh Rathod, 24, Sudhir Kerkar, 20, Santosh Kerkar, 20 and Govind Devar, 22, all from New Vaddem. Police had earlier received a tip-off that the group had fled to Chennai after attacking Santana Correia when he came to the Vasco police station to lodge a complaint of assault. The group returned on Thursday night and were hiding in Verna.

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