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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Administrative system not conducive for sincere officers: Elvis

MAPUSA: Inspector General of Prisons Elvis Gomes on the last day of his service took a dig at the administrative system in the state claiming that it is the worst in the country.
Gomes, speaking at the sidelines of the opening of dental clinic inside the central jail at Colvale, said, “The administrative system in Goa is manipulated to the maximum when compared to other states in India. Everybody even in the rank of a clerk pokes his nose in service matters and there is a need of a proper system.”

The government had accepted senior officer of Goa Civil Services Elvis Gomes’ notice for voluntary retirement on Monday.
Gomes further said, “Administrative system in Goa is in the process of evolving. The process always comes in the way, we have to have that resilience to complete the processes and succeed.”
When asked if officers are given a free hand to take up matters, Gomes said, “I do not think that anything other than the colleagues of officers is hindering works which is creating havoc in the whole system. Proper delivery of public services is of utmost importance and there has to be a check on this.”
Gomes also said that if not for hurdles, he could have contributed much more as Inspector General of Prisons. He said, “When I had joined the service there was a lot of enthusiasm and over a period of time worked very hard but realised that due to various factors things do not work out and then one is forced to give up.”
Referring to his induction process in 2013, he said, “When you fight and win the battle that is a plus point and you show that you are right from the beginning, against you there are several heavyweight ministers yet you win that is a win.”
He said that he resigned as he was not allowed a free hand and someone sat over his head. People creating hurdles to fair administration should be set aside. But that doesn’t happen here; here everybody has become the king.”
Talking about Colvale central jail, he said, “In a small state like Goa with the support that one gets from the Chief Minister, we should have achieved much more but the processes take time due to which there are delays.”
Citing the example of water harvesting project which was proposed in the central jail, he said, “We wanted to undertake this project with science and earth department of Goa University but it has been kept in abeyance because nobody can understand the concept. The concerned department has told us that we have to follow up on processes.”
When asked about future plans whether he would be contesting upcoming assembly election, Gomes said, “I want to take rest now as I have done a lot of work. Thereafter I will see whether to join any party and contest election or not. I am being urged by people to contest, I am in contact with them every weekend.”

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