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Monday, September 19, 2016

Bogus voters still exist on draft electoral roll: CAC forum

VASCO: Claiming that it has scrutinised the draft electoral roll for the village of Cansaulim Arossim Cuelim notified on September 15, Cansaulim Arossim Cuelim Civic and Consumer Forum (CACCCF) said that names of a large number of migrants who have already left the state are listed in it. It further said that at least 50-60 bogus names exist in each ward.

CACCCF members disclosed that the migrants whose names have been enrolled in the electoral rolls apparently are presently not residing in the areas under Cansaulim Arossim Cuelim village panchayat and will be brought from outside the state to cast their votes at the time of the forthcoming assembly elections.
CACCCF claimed that they are in the process of writing to the joint electoral officer giving the list of dubious voters who are holding two election photo identity cards (EPICs) one in their native state and another in Goa.
The forum also claimed that the dubious voters will be lured to vote by paying in cash and kind and will tilt the balance in the voting patterns and that it is in the process of apprising the Joint Chief Electoral officer. It said that the bogus voters do not live on the existing addresses nor contribute in form of paying taxes to the local village panchayat body but continue to play a role of decision makers by casting votes for elections.

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