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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Cong demands opinion poll to decide if Goa needs casinos

Panaji: Congress on Wednesday demanded an opinion poll to decide the fate of casinos in Goa.
Addressing a press conference at the Congress House in Panaji on Wednesday, president of Goa Pradesh Congress Committee (GPCC) Luizinho Faleiro said that the Goa government's decision to allow casinos in the state needed to be reviewed by opting for an opinion poll.

"Just because the state gets 200 crore, you want to make Goa the vice capital of India, the sin city of India?", Faleiro said, ridiculing the BJP for its U-turn on the casino issue.
"I am making a clear cut statement. Most political parties in the state of Goa, directly or indirectly, have been party to this casino business," Faleiro said, adding if the people want, the casinos could be banished from the state. Replying to queries, he admitted the mistakes committed by the party on casinos in the past, but made it clear that the Congress would like to go to the people's court and decide accordingly.
"We want the people of Goa to decide," he said, seeking feedback to be sent to the party on Facebook, Whatsapp or email.
"Even initially, when casinos were conceptualized, they were supposed to be in the high seas and not in the Mandovi," Faleiro said.
Goa has five offshore casino vessels operating in River Mandovi, while more than a dozen casinos are operating on shore in five-star hotels.
Faleiro also demanded immediate ban on advertisements promoting casinos in Goa. "Just like there is a ban on advertising cigarette and alcohol, there should be a ban on advertisements promoting casinos. The state government should impose the ban," the former chief minister demanded.
To a query on casino owner Jaydev Mody-led group taking over ISL's FC Goa football team, Faleiro said, "When youngsters will go on the field to watch a football match, they will see casino advertisements. This will influence their young minds."
Replying to queries, Faleiro called for a Goa model of development instead of importing developments and growth models from other states. Some want a 'Delhi model' while others, the 'Gujarat model', he added.

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