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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Riders without helmets add 5.35 lakh to govt coffers

MARGAO: Curchorem traffic police generated revenue of over 5.35lakh from January to August 2016, from offences booked for riding bikes without helmets - the highest among all heads of offences under the Motor Vehicles Act. The traffic cell of the Curchorem police netted a revenue of 20.86lakh during the same period, thus indicating that over 25% of the revenue came from offences booked for riding without helmets.

Records state that until August 31, Curchorem traffic police booked 5,349 cases under section 129 (riding without helmet) of the MV Act. A total of 19,134 cases were booked during this period.
Offences booked for trucks carrying load without tarpaulin covering fetched the traffic cell 2.59lakh, from the 2,590 cases that were booked under Section 177 of the Motor Vehicles Act. The Curchorem traffic police also collected 2.29lakh for offences booked under sections 122 (dangerous parking) and 119 (parking in no parking area) of the Motor Vehicles Act.

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