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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Boca de Vaca spring in shambles

PANAJI: Boca de Vaca spring is in shambles, and is in need of attention so that it is restored to its past glory. When Manohar Parrikar was the chief minister of the state, the place was beautified. Following  the removal of security guards from the place, its condition became very pathetic.
The place has been badly maintained – the light fixtures are missing, water has become murky, and only one variety of fish can be seen.
In the absence of tap water supply, the spring water was once very precious to the residents here. Water of the spring, which is close to Mahalaxmi temple is said to have medicinal properties.
Boca de Vaca means mouth of a cow. The spring gets its name from the structure which surrounds it and has a formation of cow face on it.

The floor of the well-lit tunnel inside is made of  glass and one can see the spring water flowing under the feet. The glass flooring was once an attraction to those coming to see the variety of fish here. Now, the place wears a dismal look.
No tourists visit the place, and only those  visiting the Sai Baba temple nearby are inquisitive to know ‘what is there.’
The spring is one of the two springs that exist in Panaji. Another is located at Mala and popularly known as Fonte Fenix.
Even today whenever tap water remains in short supply. the residents nearby queue up at the spring with buckets to carry the water.
Local councillor’s husband Devanand Maienkar informed that the spring restoration work has been undertaken, but has been stopped due to the monsoon, adding illumination and fountain are yet to be restored. He said that the place will have 16 CCTV cameras, and added that after the security guards, who were deputed here, were removed, there was no protection to the place whatsoever.
The flower vendors would be allotted a space here and the place will become garbage free, he added.
He said that though the property belongs to the CCP but the maintenance work was handed over to the Goa Tourism Development Corporation.
The residents revealed that it was the only source of water to the people here before the tap water reached the city. In the past, the people in the vicinity used to wash clothes, and take bath here in the morning as well in the evening, they added.

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