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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

He slept on roads, travelled at nights, just to fight for a ‘Free Tibet’

Panaji: Tibetan protesters, who landed in Goa alongside world leaders during the recently-concluded Brics summit, shared their experience on Tuesday.
National director of the Students for Free Tibet (SFT), Tenzin Tselha revealed that different teams worked in different directions to successfully raise the issue of annexation of the Tibetan plateau by the People’s Republic of China.

“On October 13, four of my friends arrived and the first action we took was throwing ink on all the posters of the Chinese near the airport as we hold them directly responsible for the human right atrocities being committed in Tibet right now,” Tselha said, adding that the group also protested at the airport right after the Chinese leaders departed from there for the summit.
“We also conveyed our message through parasailing at Calangute-Baga area with the Tibetan freedom flag and message.”
Poet, writer and a prominent leader of the ‘Free Tibet’ movement, Tenzin Tsundue was kept in a three-day police custody following his protest in front of the motorcade that was carrying Russian president Vladimir Putin.
“I stayed hiding in a marsh near the venue of the summit for over 20 hours. The police was looking for me even before I had entered Goa. I used to sleep on the roads during the day when the cops were on a lookout for me, and during the night, I used to make my move towards the venue. I hope that, even jokingly, if president Putin had mentioned about my protest to Xi Jinping, my job is done,” Tsundue, who has been fighting for the cause for the past 23 years, said.

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