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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

How murder plot went awry

Bite marks on the body of the murdered perfume specialist Monika Ghurde are of the accused Rajkumar Singh, the forensic dentistry tests have confirmed.
Singh was subjected to medical examination at the GMC and the forensic dentistry analysis has confirmed that the bite marks match to that of Singh.
However, for further analysis, swab samples are being sent to the forensic science laboratory, Hyderabad, sources said.

There were bite marks on Monika’s shoulder, both hands and also on one of the breasts. Experts at the GMC had analysed the bite marks as well as had examined the accused.
Apart from the dentistry tests, the potency test on Singh has turned out to be positive. Singh (21), who hails from Punjab, was arrested from Bengaluru. He had been security guard at the complex in Bella Vista Sangolda where Ghurde (38) was staying. Ghurde was allegedly killed at her rented apartment.
The postmortem report had revealed that Ghurde died due to asphyxia as a result of compression of mouth and neck. However, on sexual assault, the opinion had been reserved pending serological examination report.
The police have said that Singh has confessed to the crime. He raped her before choking her to death, the police have said, adding that apart from murder, the accused has been charged with rape and robbery. Singh is currently in police custody.
Singh made use of an ATM card which incidentally helped the police identify and track him down. The card was of Monika and Singh had forced her to disclose the password. The use of ATM card and also the CCTV footage from ATM booth proved vital in achieving a breakthrough. Otherwise it was difficult, and it would have taken time to identify the accused, the police have said.
The accused had shaved while he was in Monika’s flat. The police have recovered facial hair claiming that it was the clinching evidence to prove the presence of the accused in the flat.
Facial hair will be sent for DNA analysis.
The police recovered the knife that was reportedly used by Singh to threaten Monika. The knife was hidden in the kitchen.
The sources said that there are ‘chance’ fingerprints found on the knife and will be sent to the FSL, Verna, for analysis to ascertain whether the fingerprints match with that of the accused.
Two persons had seen the accused while he was in the building, the police have said. These two persons have been identified.
Singh has also shown the police the hideout – building’s terrace – where he had hidden for two days.
The police had said the accused entered the building through front gate on the afternoon of October 3 and left after committing the crime in the wee hours of October 6.
The accused stayed on the terrace of the building without getting noticed, the police had said.
During this period he stealthily came down to check whether Ghurde had returned. On the afternoon of October 5 he saw her vehicle parked in the parking lot and later in the evening he entered the apartment.

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