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Thursday, October 6, 2016

It’s time for ‘Africa’: Meet the Kingpins & Queen-pins of drug & prostitution rackets

It’s time for ‘Africa’: Meet the Kingpins & Queen-pins of drug & prostitution rackets
Small bars and restaurants function as camp offices of drug gangs; It’s unwritten, but non-Africans are unwelcome here; One restaurant on police radar and is under watch for suspicious activities; small bars & restaurants used for striking drug deals in the North coastal belt

PANJIM:  A few years ago, it was Luckies restaurant in Parra village that Africans preferred. In fact that is where a majority of Africans, involved in a riot like situation on NH 17 in Porvorim, after the murder of one of their compatriots, spent their time but now they flock to Simba restaurant in Baga. There are no hoardings or any signs, but the Africans know it well and it is here that they meet and many believe, strike their deals.
No one other than the Africans visit this restaurant. There is not a single Indian there. It appears to be a house found after crossing a narrow road which is connected by the Calangute-Mapusa road. “No Indians are allowed. I mean no one goes there because all ‘khapris’ (Africans) visit that place, you will not even find an Indian dish in the restaurant but all African dishes are served there,” one of the local bar owners at the tinto told Herald.
When Herald tried to get in touch with Michael Bishop, who is from an African nation and operates Simba he was clearly upset and took off by saying, “Yes, I operate this place but what that matters to you? Why are you calling me? You don’t know the laws. Who gave my contact number?” Bishop is married to a local girl.
Karthik Kashyap Superintendent of Police (Crime & ANC) said, “It’s not only one Simba restaurant in Calangute but we are keeping watch on all such joints frequently visited by Africans in Goa. Though, we have a special watch on this place.”
Inquiries revealed that the key African players in the drug trade sit at this restaurant to finalise their deals. Inquiries further revealed few names of who are the kingpins in the narcotic trade on the North Goa coast.
Sources said Jesse J is the boss of the drugs trade among Africans. Under his wing is one Tony (African) who collects cash from Jesse and bails out Africans arrested in drug and overstaying cases.
There are also two bars in Saligao and Parra where narcotics deals go on with the help of locals.
A person, locally known as Johnny Goa, is a community head of Africans in North Goa who chalks out the strategies. Dewin and Chio B carry narcotics from Delhi to Goa which is delivered to Johnny and Tony in Goa. Tony is an African who is married to a local woman residing in Mapusa.
Besides drugs, Africans are also in the prostitution racket in the coastal belt. Many of them are often seen at Simba.
‘L Sara’ a lady pimp who resides in Calangute and one ‘Mama’ who resides in Calangute are the madams of the flesh trade at the coast.
They lived in Anjuna earlier but recently changed their base and are now living in resorts and source females from their country who are then pushed in the flesh trade here. Sources said that the prostitution trade among Africans is slowly spreading its wings and has escalated to in high end prostitution in high end hotels.
Several questions arise now.
- When will the Goa police take the next steps and zoom in on the people they have been watching and actually get them red handed, since the sources this reporter spoke to confirmed that all the major players have been functioning for well over three years
- How are some of these bars operated by foreign nationals? Have their visas been checked to see if they have a work permit?
- Like the Russians, the Africans have started forming enclosed ghettos and now operate bars where others are not at all welcome. Enough has not been done to probe if criminal activities are getting germinated in these ghettos.

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