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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Tourist harassment on for years

Some years back, when we were in staying at the Ramada beach resort in South Goa, a bunch of taxi drivers would always be hanging outside the hotel. We were keen to visit either Mapusa or Panjim market but the rates those drivers were quoting were exorbitant. So we decided to move a little away from our hotel towards the main road and see if we could find a cab who would take us for at a cheaper price.

One taxi driver offered to take us the next day for a reasonably price. Deal struck, we were happy. But the driver said he would not come to our hotel to pick us up as he was afraid of the other cabbies.
We agreed to meet him at the main road and the next day, at the appointed time we made our way to the pre-decided spot only to be told abruptly that he had changed his mind and would not be able to take us.
On questioning, we received a vague and perplexing reply about him having to attend a baptism ceremony and lunch thereafter, which prompted his decision to ditch us. Only after much persuasion and agreeing to his term of coming back soon so that he could attend his function did he agree to take us.
We had a hurried shopping expedition, and when we come back to the car at the promised time we find the driver missing. After looking for him frantically, we saw him strolling towards us, his own shopping bags in tow.
It was a win-win situation for him, as not only did he get his fare, but also got to do his own shopping in the bargain! That's Goan business sense for you!

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