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Monday, November 21, 2016

Chodankar warns Parrikar not to make baseless remarks

'Back your statements with facts'
MARGAO: Reacting to accusations made by Manohar Parrikar, Girish Chodankar of the Congress has dared him to initiate inquiries against all the persons who he had alleged have black money and are in trouble because of demonetisation.

Chodankar said Parrikar should realise that he is a part of the government and not Opposition and he should come out of the Opposition mode and stop making sweeping and irresponsible statements and start acting in a responsible manner. "You can't confuse people of Goa again and again, they know your reality by now," said Chodankar.
Chodankar was reacting to the statements made by Parrikar (by naming some politicians) that certain politicians were worried about black money while speaking at Fatorda BJP function. "Don't make such statements by naming leaders to malign and damage their image. Making such statements is the work of the Opposition and not that of the government," he said.
He dared Parrikar to act against the allegations instead of making such statements and said "Central and state government is under BJP rule, Directorate of Revenue Intelligence, intelligence Bureau, Enforcement Directorate, Directorate of Income Tax (Intelligence and Criminal Investigation, Directorate General of Income Tax, CBI etc are under BJP government's command". "BJP should act judiciously to get back the  black money as promised, don't spare anyone and don't make cheap statements to confuse the people of Goa," he advised.
He also warned Parrikar not to use these agencies to further his political vendetta and agenda. "Let us start from BJP ministers and MLAs who have looted Goa during the last 57 months. Many of them have not submitted statements of assets & liabilities with Lokayukta as per law, which should be also checked and noted," Chodankar pointed out.
"In the past also, Parrikar had made such baseless statements like his famous and now notorious statement of Rs 36,000 crores from mining loot, but after assuming power, not a single rupee has been recovered till date," he recalled. He has also reminded Parrikar of his statement at Margao BJP meeting that JICA money was exchanged at a bungalow in Margao, "people have not forgotten your statements," he added.
He  said Parrikar has become infamous and an untrustworthy leader known for U-turns. He said, "Every meeting and statement of Parrikar was adding more votes and seats to the Congress' kitty and public anger against him is multiplying and that Parrikar should camp in Goa for the assembly elections so that his misdeeds and double speaks are exposed," Chodankar concluded.

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