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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Make film profit ratio 50:50, say Goa filmmakers

Panaji: Demanding an equal share in the profit of their film’s release, members of the Goa Film Finance Action Committee said that the ratio of profit offered by theatres in the state must be increased. Currently, filmmakers get only 30% of the share while theatres get 70%.

Filmmaker Rajdeep Naik said, “Within the 30 per cent revenue, filmmakers have to take care of advertisement, payments and other nitty-gritties. Even if there are maximum number of shows, the benefits do not come entirely to the producer’s kitty.”
Filmmaker Swapnil Shetkar reiterated the statement saying that it is for this very reason that producers screen films at other halls so that they recover their money. “We appeal to the government to make the ratio 50:50 as opposed to 70:30,” members of the fraternity said.
Sharing their thoughts on the recently released film finance scheme, they said that the scheme will boost the state’s film industry, but insisted that the money from this year’s budget must be disbursed before the state elections.
“There are a few filmmakers who are of the opinion that the scheme is not a good one. This scheme will benefit all, so filmmakers should put their prejudices aside and avail of it,” Naik said.
Currently 20 films are in production and post-production stages in Goa.
The members further commended the government’s initiative to have a separate queue for Goa’s film fraternity. There are approximately 300 people in the state’s film fraternity.

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