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Monday, November 28, 2016

Pacheco hits out at Centre over I-T notice to Church

MARGAO: Criticising the central government over ‘Income  Tax  department officials targeting the  Church in state,’ Nuvem MLA Francis Xavier Pacheco, on Monday, said that the BJP is moving ahead with the only one agenda of Hindutva, and termed it as a major roadblock for the progress of the nation.
Addressing the media, Pacheco said, “I want to know  why only  the Church is targeted by the I-T department, and not other religious institutions. Other religious institutions in Goa are too collecting a lot of money during their  religious activities.’’

He alleged that the BJP government is communalising the issue.  “The  Catholic ministers and MLAs of the  BJP  government should come clean on the issue. They should  clear their stand on the  I-T  notice to the Church  and whether they stand by the  Catholics in this regards since the  BJP has  targeted only  minority community –  the Catholics,’’ he added.
“Ministers Alina Saldanha, Avertano  Furtado and Francis  D’Souza,  should clear their stand on the I-T notices to the Church. The BJP MLAs and those independent legislators supporting the Goa BJP should also come out openly on it,’’ Pacheco said.
When media asked as to why did he support the BJP government, the Nuvem MLA said that it was his   mistake, which he later realised and corrected by withdrawing the support.
Questioning the wits of the government on the demonetisation and putting limitation on the withdrawal of money, Pacheco angrily asked, “Who is the PM to put limit on withdrawal of our money?”
“It is our hard earned money, and we want to make use of it as and when we require. The  limitation on money withdrawal has  put poor people out of  gear and many have suffered very badly,” he added.

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