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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Parrikar must prove having two airports is viable: GFDO

Margao: Goans For Dabolim Only (GFDO) challenged defense minister Manohar Parrikar ‘to prove to Goans that his recent concrete assurances sans facts and figures that the Dabolim airport would be retained after the Mopa airport became operational is viable and economically feasible’.

GFDO urged all parties to ‘articulate their stand on crucial issues like the Dabolim versus Mopa airport so that the Goan electorate may make an informed choice’ prior to the forthcoming polls.
GFDO convener Fr Eremito Rebelo said, “Goans are aware of Parrikar’s unbeaten record of broken promises and unfulfilled dreams. The ever-expanding fleet of casinos in River Mandovi and the brazen U-turns on special status are testimony to the fact that the BJP’s and Parrikar’s concept of concrete assurances differs from that of Goans. Goans need to know why the government is using Goan resources and taxpayers hard-earned money to build an airport that they claim will ultimately service 28 million passengers when the third largest airport in India at Bengaluru handles just 18 million passengers. There is strong suspicion that the Mopa airport is being built at Goa’s cost to cater to the needs of Maharashtra tourism.”
“The inordinate delay in constructing the parallel taxiway, promised aerobridges and proposed hangars in the place occupied by the old terminal building do not lend credibility to Parrikar’s concrete assurance. Promises made with an eye on pending elections are nothing new to the Goan electorate. This time Goans will not be hoodwinked by empty assurances,” said Rebelo.

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