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Monday, June 6, 2016

Fish prices on the rise in state

PANAJI: Fish prices are climbing up almost every day ever since the annual fishing ban has been imposed by the state government to allow breeding.
There is a ban on mechanised fishing till August 1, but the traditional fishermen make hay while the monsoon is on.
“The fresh fish you get at the Panaji municipal market is brought from Dona Paula, Taleigao or Caranzalem,”said Sachin Lamani.
Speaking to this daily, Lamani informed that khodkio, dhoms/coackars, prawns, lepos and crabs are brought by the traditional fishermen from these areas, adding the quantity being less, they succeed in getting high price for the variety of fish they bring.
He said that even mullets, mackerels (bangdo) and milk fish are found in Dona Paula, Taleigao and Caranzalem areas, and the fishermen fetch the price they quote.
The most shocking part is that the people are willing to pay any price, he added.
On Monday morning, three mackerels were sold for Rs 200, slightly smaller size 5 mackerels were available for Rs 200 and the baby mackerels brought from Chennai were sold for Rs 200 a kg, he said adding red fish is brought from Poona, as it fetches a good price in the state.
“In the early morning hours, we go to Margao where there is a wholesale fish market. There, fish is brought from different areas and sold. The local fish vendors buy fish here in bulk and sell in various areas for a good price. We have to shell out a substantial amount on transportation, loading, unloading, and besides market sopo,” informed Gaurish Naik.
While Christalin Fernandes revealed that “when fishing ban begins in Goa, fishing season starts in Tamil Nadu and as such a lot of fish is supplied from Chennai and its surrounding areas.”
She informed that during the monsoon, prawns are made available in the state – farm prawns are sold for Rs 450 a kg, local yield from bundharas for Rs 400 a kg while medium sized are available at Rs 350 a kg.
In the morning, no big fish was available except for silver snippets which were being sold for Rs 500 each (weighing 500 grams), and cavallas (konkars), weighing 800 grams, were sold for Rs 300 each and lady fish was sold for Rs 350 a kg.
A portion of local small sized prawns was sold for Rs 100, king prawns for Rs 1000 a portion, a portion of sardines and milk fish were being sold for Rs 100 each, while mullets (shevte) were being sold for Rs 150 a kg, Rs 200 a kg, and Rs 250 a kg depending upon the size

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