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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Kejriwal too finds MoI a hot potato

Refuses to commit on absolute freedom of choice for parents for English in primary schools, takes govt line that present grants won’t be withdrawn; no word on candidates or leader yet; buoyant with grass root response

PANJIM: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal rounded off his “touching base” with Goans project by engaging in a freewheeling discussion with Editors and senior journalists, where some well established points were stressed  but crucial questions remained unanswered.
Q. Why Goa?
A. Because Goa is going to the polls and the same conditions which exist in Delhi exist in Goa.
Q. But there is anti incumbency everywhere
A. Yes but Goa has elections now
He sought to actually distance himself and his party from what he called a “media driven” perception that he is short of candidates and a leader and the more serious one of his party, either on purpose or inadvertently working towards the BJP gaining ground. If we had RSS links or were BJP’s B team, this would have emerged by now in Delhi. We are the only voice against the BJP and the RSS. The Congress does not have the guts to take on the BJP”
However when it came to two fundamental questions which were Goa centric, he fell way short of a satisfactory answer. On the Medium of Instruction issue, Kejriwal hedged and refused to state if freedom of choice for all parents to get English medium education for their children at the primary level, would be given freely. He stuck to the oft repeated line of the present BJP government that grants would continue to existing schools (the Church backed ones) and wouldn’t be withdrawn. Pressed further he said: “You have to admit it’s a contentious issue. This is our stand as of now, whether you like it or not. We need to engage and speak to people.”
On whether he has enough candidates or a face to lead the campaign he yet again said that the process was on and people would emerge from the ranks. However with 6 months to go for the 2017 elections, this line of arguments won’t hold for too long.

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