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Monday, June 27, 2016

Portugal to its citizens in UK: Get permanent residence cards

Panaji: Portugal's secretary of state for communities Jose Luis Carneiro has advised Portuguese nationals, including those of Goan origin in the UK to obtain a permanent residence card and also seek dual nationality to ensure that all their rights are protected.

He appealed to the Portuguese who have worked in the UK for more than five years and have their families there too, who haven't registered at the consulates in London and Manchester and those who haven't registered as citizens with permanent residence in the UK. Many didn't register properly and depended instead on EU rules that defended them.
There is no change in the status of Portuguese living in the UK despite the Brexit vote, as European laws will continue to prevail during the period of negotiation between UK and EU.
"It will take two years for the transition to occur and the rights of Portuguese will be safeguarded in the agreement to be established between the United Kingdom and the European Union," Carneiro said.
This also applies to Goans who have migrated to the UK on Portuguese passports.
"The Portuguese who have any questions should use the consular services," he advised, assuring them that in the coming weeks the Portuguese government would strengthen the Consulate General in London by sending a deputy consul-general and additional staff to cater to the emigrants.
There are 2,34,000 Portuguese registered according to British Social Security but it is estimated that twice the number live in the UK.
Carneiro also said that in addition to European efforts, Portugal would hold bilateral talks to ensure that the social rights and freedom of movement of Portuguese living in the UK and British living in Portugal are "safeguarded".

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