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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Signatures, ID proofs corner GCA bosses

PANAJI: Goa Cricket Association president Chetan Desai, secretary Vinod Phadke and treasurer Akbar Mulla had their signatures on the form to open the illegal bank account in the name of GCA, police probe has revealed.
This has been confirmed by the then manager of the bank, where the alleged account was opened.
As per the police investigation, the bank account in question was opened in the Development Credit Bank in the city on April 12, 2007 only to deposit the cheque of Rs 2.87 crore received from the BCCI. The money was subsequently withdrawn by bearer cheques.
The three persons are also accused of siphoning off Rs 26 lakh of the GCA from another bank account of the GCA.
The economic offences cell of the Goa police probing alleged misappropriation of Rs 3.13 crore of the GCA had arrested Desai, Phadke and Mulla on Wednesday evening.
The accused have been arrested on various charges including impersonation, forgery, cheating and criminal conspiracy.
The police said the accused had claimed that a fraudulent bank account was opened using forged signatures by unknown accused  and Rs 2.87 crore were withdrawn from the bank and misappropriated.
However, the probe has ruled out this theory as the then bank manager has confirmed that Desai,
Phadke and Mulla had signed the account opening form as well as submitted their ID proofs. Desai and Phadke were produced before the JMFC, Panaji, for obtaining remand while Mulla has been admitted in the GMC on medical grounds. Vijayalaxmi Shivolkar, the senior civil judge, JMFC (B court), Panaji, granted one-day police custody of Desai and Phadke and has directed the police to produce all the three accused on Friday.
The accused have also moved bail applications and it will also be heard on Friday.
The police in their remand application has said that they have recorded the statement of the then bank manager Lalita Kakodkar, who said that as per the strict procedure of the bank the person who  opens  an account should be present along with his documents in the bank and after the verification of the documents in person the account is opened.
“She has also identified her signatures on the account opening form and also on the photo ID. She further stated that she had been to the office of GCA at Rizvi Sadan, Panaji, for opening the said bank account and ‘marginally’ noted the accused persons had signed the bank account opening form in presence of her and further in person had submitted the said ID proofs by showing the originals,” the police have said in their remand application.
The police said that a resolution had been “passed” for opening the bank account on  February 27, 2007 showing Vinod Phadke as president, Chetan Dessai as secretary and Akbar Mulla as treasurer, which is forged; as at the  time of opening of the particular   ‘signing  authorities’ were Dayanand Narvekar as president, Desai as secretary and Phadke as treasurer.
But Mulla was not having any ‘signing authority’.
The police have sought seven-day police custody on ten different grounds: to recover the money, to find out more associates in commission of the crime.
The police also want to lay their hands on the audit book, minutes book and other documents for the period from 2006-2008.
Later speaking to the media, the counsel of the accused said that  they have already given in writing to the police that the minutes book is missing and in this regard the then acting president Shekar Salkar had lodged a police complaint.

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