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Monday, July 11, 2016

ISIS suspect was sending encrypted emails to handler Shafi Armar

The National Investigation Agency (NIA) on Monday revealed that Ibrahim Yazdani, the Hyderabad youth arrested for his alleged links to Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, was sending encrypted emails to his Syria-based handler through a website that specialises in security and privacy of users. The probe agency further revealed details on purchases made by the other accused arrested by the agency earlier this month.

A senior NIA official said that accused Ibrahim had used tutanota.com, a secure encryption mail to be in touch with his handler abroad. "The co ordinates of places where logistics like weapons,urea etc were to be delivered, were sent to him by his handler through this email,"said the officer. Developed by a German Company named Tutao Gmbh, Tutanota is an open-source end-to-end encrypted email software and hosts secure email service.

The agency suspects that Ibrahim was using the website to interact with Shafi Armar, who NIA believes to be the chief recruiter for NIA.Hyderbad resident, Ibrahim Yazdani, who was arrested by NIA along with four others including his brother Iliyas, is believed to be the alleged head of the ISIS module which had owed allegiance to Abu Bakr Baghdadi.

Ibrahim's younger brother, Iliyas, who was among the five arrested youth in Hyderabad had allegedly made some purchases before plans of carrying out terror attacks across the city. An NIA official told dna that Ilyas had purchased the weighing machine from a local shop at biwi bazar for weighing explosive precursors and chemicals.

While 30-year-old Ibrahim Yazdani, who is said to be a computer engineer by profession, his younger brother Iliyas is said to have dropped out of his graduation course and was working in Shalimar Online Seva, which is located close to the local police station in Talab Katta area of Hyderabad. Shalimar Online Seva, according to its online description, is like many private vendors used by the government to distribute pan cards, birth certificates and other identification documents.

The agency further said that Fahad, another arrested accused in the case, had procured nine Aircel preactivated sims from promotional temporary stall at Charminar bus stop. "Subsequently he had purchased five Chinese mobile phones from a mobile shop at Charminar bus stop for use in their planning and operations,"said an official.

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