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Monday, July 25, 2016

Nigerian nabbed for possessing ganja worth over 3.6lac

Mapusa: A Nigerian national claiming to be the student of an architecture college in Hyderabad in India was arrested in Goa for possessing illegal drugs worth over 3.6lakh. The raid was conducted by Mapusa police acting on the specific tip-off by PI Tushar Lotlikar late on Sunday night.

Accused Nigerian national John Paul Onyebuchi, 33, was arrested in possession of ganja weighing 6kg away from the coastal belt of the state, near municipal garden, Dangui colony in Duler Mapusa.
According to Mapusa police, the alleged accused came to the garden on a scooter with a drug-like substance (like ganja) in a travelling bag and was waiting for a prosperous customer. Acting on the specific and reliable information, Mapusa police, under the supervision of PI Lotlikar and assisted by PSI Vijay Chodankar, PSI Eldio Fernandes, PC Sushant Chopdekar, Irshad Watangi, Rupesh Korgaonkar, Franky Vaz, Alivito Demello, Shindesh Sawant and Rama Matonkar, laid a trap and nabbed the accused.
The police have attached the narcotic substance along with Onyebuchi's travel bag, wallet containing cash of 680 and two hundred Nira of central bank of Nigeria, one receipt of a ticket, a mobile handset and the scooter.
The accused had come to Goa from Hyderabad on Sunday. Sources informed that he had claimed to be a student of an architecture college in Hyderabad.
"The accused has no passport or any travel documents. He has no documents for his stay in Goa and he claims to be the student of an architecture college in Hyderabad. We are verifying his details. We have also written to the FRRO for the verification of the accused," Mapusa PI Lotlikar told TOI.
Mapusa police registered the offence under section 20(B) (ii) (B) of NDPS Act and are further investigating the case.
There are claims that Nigerian students often commit crime on purpose to prolong their stay in Goa. The allegation is that Nigerian students come to Goa and India to study, get involed in petty crimes, get an FIR filed (against them) to make it a judicial matter and then try to extend their stay in Goa.

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