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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

6 foreigners rescued in sex racket escape

PANAJI: Nine women from Turkmenistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Mumbai and Delhi who were rescued in a prostitution racket on Monday night escaped from the protective home at Merces. Later, the police managed to apprehend three of them within a few hours.

Six women are foreign national, four from Bangladesh, and one each from Uzbekistan and Nepal.
The incident occurred at around 8.30 pm when the lady escort staff of protective home went to call the women for dinner.
Old Goa police inspector Krishna Sinari said that out of nine girls, four followed the escort staff for dinner, but five remained in the room.
When the lady escort staff went back to call them for dinner, they pulled her in the room and tied her with a rope.
The lady police constable on duty at the protective home heard the lady escort shouting for help. She rushed to help her but the five women also tied her with a rope and snatched the keys from them and escaped from the home.
When the remaining four women saw the other five escape, they also joined them and all escaped from the home, police sources said.

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